Our Activities

We charge for activities and camps that are held away from our regular meeting places. We try to keep these costs to a minimum. *

We use Online Scout Manager (OSM) so that we can let you know about events that are coming up. You can reply via a link to let us know if your child will be attending or not. you will then be sent a link to make the payment for the activity online. We really would prefer it if you could use this method of paying, please. It provides a clear record of your payment as well as reducing the amount of cash that has to be handled by the leaders.

For those who are unable to use OSM, please make cheques to "40th Greenwich Scout Group" with subs and name on the back or cash in an envelope marked subs with the name on it. It means that we do not need to hold you up while we make a note of who is paying what and for whom.

* From time to time we find that we have a member (child or adult) whose family circumstances are tight. We have always made sure that they have a uniform. We can also subsidise camps and other activities and (subscriptions). If you think this might apply to you please speak to your section's leader or to Conway Tearle, our Group Scout Leader. All this will be done with little fuss of course and with as few people being aware as is necessary.

Fun in the sun? by Madison Williams, Arethusa weekend January 2018


This is a picture a shipwreck we saw when we were on a hike, when we were at Arethusa, in January 2018.  Maybe there is a long lost story about it though it’s not set in a tropical sea like most shipwrecks seem to be.  The weather was not great! We saw the shipwreck on the last bit of the hike. We could see the finish but we didn’t know then we still needed to go through lots of mud. My hiking boots where clean at the beginning but covered in mud by the end. It was cold but we all had fun and didn’t get too lost.