General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Privacy Statement

The Scout Group consists of the six sections for young people, plus adults as leaders or parents.


Two different sets of information are kept.

  • Adult’s records are stored by the Scout Association (TSA) in an online system called ‘Compass’.

  • Young people’s records are stored by the 40th Greenwich Scout Group (G40) in an online system called Online Scout Manager (OSM).


Both these systems are secure with access via password and are GDPR compliant. There are also extracts from these systems in the form of spreadsheets and similar which are either kept on individual leader’s computer systems or on paper*. This may be backed up on local hardware or the ‘cloud’ depending on the leader’s systems.


The information that is stored is only that necessary to allow the efficient running of the scout group.


Leader’s personal information as well as records of training completed, roles held and similar is kept on Compass by TSA and can be accessed by those at Group, District, County and National level who need to, to allow the effective management and support of the leaders in their roles as leaders. Other adults’ details are those required to obtain a DBS check and only enough to allow contact to be maintained is retained by TSA or G40.


Young people’s records include personal details some of which are considered sensitive. We also keep records of events attended, badges gained and such. This is retained on OSM and is only accessible to the leaders within G40 and additionally for the Young Leaders (YL), the leaders of the district Explorer (YL) section as well.


We collect monies through OSM but the processing is carried out by ‘GoCardless’ who retain bank card details according to industry standards for Direct Debits and are GDPR compliant. Only schedules of payments made are available to those in G40 who deal with the accounts.


G40 only use the information to enable the running of the scout programme. So that is the weekly meetings and other activities and camps that are organised from time to time. The information is not sold or given to anyone outside of scoutingǂ. An anonymised summary of sensitive information is passed to TSA as part of an annual census of membership.


* In theory the weekly registers can be entered into, and emergency contact details taken from OSM directly but in practice this is only as reliable as the internet signal at the time. A paper register will need to be kept at meetings and will contain contact details of parents for emergency use. Similarly, health forms will be retained as paper copies during a camp or other activity.


ǂ If you do get a special offer to attend an event or to help with something it will have been forwarded by one of the leaders. Such offers have included attending the recording of a TV programme for children. Another would have been a request for help marshalling the Mini Marathon in Greenwich Park.