G40 wear their uniform with pride. Beavers, cubs and scouts are expected to wear full uniform at all meetings unless otherwise directed:


  • Sweatshirt (cubs/ beavers). There is an optional polo shirt for activity wear. They are particularly useful in the summer so the sweatshirt can be taken off during the meeting or activity.

  • Shirt (scouts)

  • Trousers with belt (cubs and scouts)

  • Scarf and woggle

St Michael's & All Angels 

Blackheath Prep

40th Greenwich

90 Years of Service

In 2019 40th Greenwich celebrated 90 years of Service. Like Scouting itself the Group has evolved over the years and the scarf colours have undergone a number of changes. The chart on the right tracks the mergers, moves and scarf changes throughout our history.


New members are welcome to attend a few sessions in non-uniform (or their beavers/cubs uniforms if moving up). Once they decide they would like to join they will be asked to buy a full uniform for the Investment. Uniform can be purchased from various sources including John Lewis, Scout Shop Online or locally from one of our District Scout Shops or Whitehall Clothiers in Lewisham.

Please note that the District Shop in Avery Hill is currently closed.

We don’t want young people to miss out through financial hardship. If concerns about finances may prevent your child taking part in Scouting or some activities, speak to your local leader in confidence, as some assistance may be available. We have a limited stock of second hand uniform available, donations welcome.


We provide replacement scarves (£5), woggles (£1) and badges (£1). We may not have badges in stock but will them next time we get into the shop.